Telephone numbers
Municipality of Velké Losiny, tel. +420 583 248 422
Exchange office – Česká pošta, tel. +420 583 248 400
Health centre, tel. +420 583 248 331
Pharmacy „U Praděda“, tel. +420 583 248 344
BENZINA – petrol station, tel. +420 583 248 411
How to get there
By car
Velké Losiny is easily accessible along trunk road No. 11 Šumperk – Červenohorské sedlo – Jeseník. Cars and buses can use public parking areas in the centre of the village (mainly at Hotel Praděd or at the Post Office building).
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There is only a limited number of parking lots at the paper mill and they are reserved for visitors with valid visitor tickets. Parking time is limited to 2 hours at the maximum. Parking is paid for during the tourist season. Entry of cars to the internal areas of the paper mill premises is prohibited.
By train
Railway line no. 291, which is part of the IDSOK system (Integrated Transport System of the Olomouc Region). Public railway transport is provided on the regional railway line Šumperk – Kouty nad Desnou. The railway stops that are the closest to the paper mill are the Velké Losiny Stop (in the centre of the town) and the newly planned Stop of the Velké Losiny Zámek (Castle). The distance from both to the paper mill is about 10 minutes.
By bus
Buses on the line Šumperk – Jeseník and the suburban lines Šumperk – Velké Losiny (part of the IDSOK system) or the intercity lines Brno – Šumperk – Čevenohorské sedlo – Jeseník. The bus stop (Velké Losiny – Hotel Praděd) is located very close to the paper mill.